if you go outside you can smell spring in the air.
you can see flowers cautiously poking their heads above ground.
buds starting to appear on the trees that will soon be in bloom.
dogs and cats darting through the garden.
birds flying back and forth.
it’s time to spend more time playing outside again.
the sun shines for longer.
this is the season that everyone looks forward to.

the colouring pages and games here are waiting for some fresh spring colours.
you can add text if you like and then print out this lovely colouring page.
make your friends and family happy by giving them these colouring pages.

scarecrow in the garden

scarecrow in the garden colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • in the vegetable patch there is a scarecrow.
  • it stops birds from pecking seeds out of the soil.
  • so the seeds can grow into beautiful vegetables.
  • colour in this picture in vibrant colours.
  • give the picture to someone you love.

sort the four seasons

sort the four seasons colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • what comes after spring?
  • is it autumn?
  • or winter?
  • or is it summer?
  • colour in this picture with colours that suit each season.
  • cut the page into 4 separate pictures.
  • sort the 4 pictures so the seasons are in the right order.


dandelion colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • when spring is here, then the dandelion is here too.
  • a little warmth from the sun makes it grow.
  • a dandelion is not only pretty, it’s tasty too.
  • you can eat the yellow flower and the green leaves.
  • delicious!
  • colour in the picture in fresh spring colours.
  • take the picture with you to a patch of grass or a meadow and count the dandelions.

summer fruit

summer fruit colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • the more the sun shines, the more you feel like eating summer fruit.
  • as summer comes closer, there are more and more summer fruits in the shop.
  • what’s your favourite summer fruit on a hot day in summer?
  • strawberry, melon, cherries, …
  • colour in this picture in sunny colours.
  • eat a piece of fruit and hang up the picture on the fridge.

what comes next – spring

what comes next – spring colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • in the spring everything starts to grow.
  • trees, flowers, bushes.
  • print out the picture and colour everything in spring colours.
  • then cut out the bottom 4 pictures along the grey dotted line.
  • take a good look at what comes after each object.
  • now glue each of the four pictures in the correct position at the end of the existing rows.


hyacinth colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • spring is the season where everything grows and flowers.
  • crocuses, tulips, daffodils, but also hyacinths.
  • have you ever had a hyacinth in your house?
  • what colour was it?
  • purple or white or a different colour?
  • colour this picture in fresh spring colours.
  • give the picture to your mummy or daddy.

junk in the attic

junk in the attic colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • in spring it’s time to do some spring cleaning.
  • in the attic you collect up everything you no longer use.
  • then you take the junk to the recycling centre or put it out for the dustcartto take away.
  • maybe there’s someone who could use that pushchair wheel.
  • colour in this picture using colours that you like.
  • post the picture in your neighbour’s letterbox.

a tree in spring

a tree in spring colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • after the winter comes the spring.
  • with the spring comes more sunshine.
  • thanks to the sunshine it gets warmer.
  • the warmth makes the leaves on the trees start unfolding.
  • some trees have flowers first en and then leaves.
  • colour in this picture in beautiful colours.
  • give the colouring page to your teacher.