Mila plays the flute

Mila plays the flute colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • sssh… be quiet for a minute…
  • you can hear the gentle sound of a flute.
  • Mila is playing a beautiful melody…
  • which musical instrument do you enjoy playing?
  • colour this picture using colours that you like.
  • give the picture to someone who plays music.


tuba colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • the tuba is also known as the bombardon.
  • the bombardon goes bom bom bom.
  • when you blow into a tuba, deep sounds come out.
  • the tuba is a member of the trumpet family.
  • colour this drawing in your favourite colours.
  • then roll up the picture in the shape of a trumpet.
  • and make some brilliant honking sounds.


microphone colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • sing ‘la la la’ into the microphone.
  • or happy birthday…
  • it’s just like you’re a real singer.
  • use pretty colours to colour in this picture.
  • sing a song while you post the picture into your neighbour’s letterbox.

follow the dotted lines

games join the dots follow the dotted lines colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • take every toy to the correct house.
  • you can do this by following the dotted line with a pen.
  • then colour in the picture.
  • hang the colouring page in the toilet.


crafts stickers colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • have you always wanted your own sitckers?
  • print out this colouring page onto sticker paper.
  • colour the picture in beautiful colours.
  • cut out the stickers along the grey line.
  • then stick them wherever you like.

Emma plays violin

Emma plays violin colouring page 01V
  • Emma loves listening to music.
  • but she loves playing music too.
  • here she is trying to play the violin…
  • colour this drawing using colours you like.
  • give the picture to someone in your class who also loves music.


violin colouring page 01k
  • a violin is a string instrument.
  • when you run the bow over the strings, you can play beautiful notes.
  • colour the colouring page in beautiful colours.
  • give this picture to someone who enjoys listening to music.


maracas colouring page 01V
  • shaking these maracas will make your day.
  • colour this colouring page in bold colours.
  • hang the picture in the toilet.

pellet drum

pellet drum colouring page 01V
  • the pellet drum is an ancient musical instrument.
  • turn it in between your hands and you’ll hear a lovely drumming sound.
  • colour the picture with colours you like.
  • put the colouring page next to a musical instrument.
  • and play a piece of music.


accordion colouring page 01k
  • young lady, would you like to learn the polka?
  • one, two, three, four and turn.
  • there’s music coming from this accordion.
  • colour the picture in colours that you like.
  • give the colouring page to someone who makes beautiful music.


trumpet colouring page 01k
  • tarantara! tarantara!
  • the trumpet blows out beautiful music.
  • colour the colouring page in your favourite colours.

birthday postcard

birthday postcard0 craft colouring page 01V
  • a beautiful birthday postcard to send.
  • first print out the colouring page and colour the postcard in beautiful colours.
  • now cut out the postcard.
  • fold the postcard along the dotted fold line.
  • glue the two sides together.
  • send the card to a birthday boy or girl.
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