Saint Nicholas

it’s 6 December and it’s freezing cold outside.
who’s that walking across the rooftops?
it’s Saint Nicholas with his friend Black Pete.
on his birthday, Saint Nicholas brings fun presents and yummy sweets to all the children.
it’s wonderful!
thanks very much Saint Nicholas and Pete.

Saint Nicholas loves to receive drawings and colouring pages from you.
print out the pictures and after you’ve coloured them, put them in your shoe.
or send them in an envelope addressed to Saint Nicholas, Spain.

play kitchen

play kitchen colouring page drawing colouring picture 01V
  • mmm… it smells so good here.
  • what’s on the stove or in the oven?
  • some delicious soup or a cake with rasins?
  • you can make the most delicious things in your own kitchen.
  • colour in this picture in scrumptious colours.
  • give the picture to someone who enjoys cooking.

make your own Saint Nicholas figure

make your own Saint Nicholas figure colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • make your own Saint Nicholas!
  • print out the picture and colour it in.
  • cut out the figure along the black lines as explained in the drawings beside the pair of scissors.
  • take extra care when you’re cutting around Saint Nicholas’ beard.
  • spread glue on the strip marked ‘a’ and stick the figure shut.
  • put the figure of Saint Nicholas somewhere where everyone can see it.

make your own Saint Nicholas staff

make your own Saint Nicholas staff colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • make your own Saint Nicholas van staff.
  • print out this colouring page on strong paper.
  • colour in the staff and cut it out.
  • vfold in half and glue the top pieces of the staff to each other.
  • stick the tabs at the bottom of the staff around an old broomstick.
  • put on your mitre and parade through your house.
  • don’t forget to wave to all the good children.
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