when you think of Easter, you think of Easter eggs.
but also of the Easter bunny and the Easter bells.
and of spring… with its daffodils, tulips and hyacinths…
at Easter, the Easter bunny brings chocolate eggs.
he hides them in your garden, or inside your house.
first you have to find them, and then you can enjoy eating them!

the Easter bunny likes to be given drawings and pictures.
print out the colouring pages and when you’ve coloured them in, put them somewhere in your house or garden where he can see them.
and don’t forget to make your very own basket to collect your Easter eggs in.

party blower for carnival

party blower for carnival coloring page - drawing - colouring picture 01k
  • do you already have a party blower for carnival?
  • then you can blow and toot to your heart’s content
  • and scare everyone.
  • isn’t carnival a wonderful celebration?
  • colour in this picture using colours that you like.
  • give the picture to your best friend.

a chicken on a nest

a chicken on a nest colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • in spring the chicken sits on her nest.
  • then she hatches out eggs
  • out of every egg comes a chick.
  • that chick then becomes a hen or a cockerel.
  • colour in this picture in your favourite colours.
  • give the picture to someone who likes chickens.

Easter bunny

Easter bunny colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • a portrait of the Easter bunny.
  • with a pretty bow.
  • because Easter is a time of celebration.
  • colour in the picture in festive colours.
  • hang up the picture in the kitchen.

6 Easter eggs

6 Easter eggs colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • Easter is a lovely time of year.
  • spring has arrived and the sun makes the days warmer.
  • the Easter bunny pays a visit and hides Easter eggs in the garden or in your house.
  • if you search carefully you’ll find lots of them.
  • colour in this picture in pretty colours.
  • take the colouring page with you to school or kindergarten.

basket of eggs

basket of eggs colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • do you like chocolate eggs?
  • at Easter the Easter bunny hides eggs in the garden.
  • you then collect them in a basket when you’ve found them.
  • and if you feel like it you eat them up.
  • yummy!
  • colour in this picture in beautiful colours.