when you think of Easter, you think of Easter eggs.
but also of the Easter bunny and the Easter bells.
and of spring… with its daffodils, tulips and hyacinths…
at Easter, the Easter bunny brings chocolate eggs.
he hides them in your garden, or inside your house.
first you have to find them, and then you can enjoy eating them!

the Easter bunny likes to be given drawings and pictures.
print out the colouring pages and when you’ve coloured them in, put them somewhere in your house or garden where he can see them.
and don’t forget to make your very own basket to collect your Easter eggs in.

flower bulbs

flower bulbs colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • at the start of spring you plant flower bulbs in the ground or in a planter.
  • then flowers grow out of them: tulips, daffodils, …
  • if the bulbs are in a planter, you water them with a watering can.
  • colour in the picture in bright, spring colours.
  • take the picture with you to the florists.

children’s champagne

children's champagne colouring page colouring picture drawing 01V
  • it’s party time!
  • it’s party time!
  • it’s never been so cosy!
  • some children drink children’s champagne.
  • other children drink orange juice.
  • or lemonade.
  • or water.
  • use bright colours to colour in this picture.

Easter hen laying an Easter egg jumping jack puppet

Easter hen laying an Easter egg jumping jack puppet colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • make your own jumping jack puppet of this Easter hen.
  • print out the picture on strong paper or glue it to a piece of cardboard.
  • colour in the sections of the hen.
  • cut out all the jumping jack sections.
  • use paper fasteners and fine string to assemble the jumping jack puppet.
  • click here to make more jumping jack puppets.

make your own Easter egg holders

make your own Easter egg holders colouring page drawing picture 01k.png
  • make your own egg holders for your chocolate eggs.
  • print out the picture and colour it in.
  • cut out the egg holders along the grey line.
  • put glue on part a and stick the two ends together.
  • put a chocolate egg in it.
  • give the egg holder to your best friend.
  • click here for more Easter craft activities.
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