skiing in the mountains

skiing in the mountains colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • you’re skiing downhill through the mountains.
  • you’re gliding through the snow on your skis.
  • you’re breathing in the fresh mountain air.
  • colour this colouring page in bright colours.
  • give the colouring page to your best friend.


snowboarding colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • there’s lots of snow in the mountains.
  • this snowboarder is jumping over it.
  • wow! what a clever trick.
  • colour this colouring page in bold colours.
  • hang the drawing on the toilet.


skateboard colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • perform a new trick on your skateboard!
  • use pretty colours to colour in this drawing.
  • put the colouring page in your backpack.


rollerblades colouring page 01k
  • with these rollerblades you can go very fast.
  • you attach them to your feet and zoom… you’re off.
  • colour this drawing in beautiful colours.
  • put the colouring page in your shoe cupboard.


ball colouring page 02k
  • what a beautiful ball this is.
  • you’d like to play with it straight away.
  • colour the picture in bright colours.
  • then put the colouring page next to your bed.


sledge colouring page 01k
  • it’s been snowing!
  • time to go outside with the sledge…
  • colour the picture using pretty colours.
  • put this picture in the place where you store your sledge.


skis colouring page 01k
  • it’s so much fun in the snow with skis.
  • you swish downhill with these skis on your feet.
  • colour the picture in beautiful colours.
  • give your drawing to a ski instructor.


skates colouring page 01k
  • with these skates you can go on the ice.
  • take care not to fall.
  • colour this drawing in your favourite colours.
  • give the picture to the first snowman you meet.

9 years

9 years birthday card colouring page 01k
  • hurrah! this girl is nine years old!…
  • she’s starting her day with a cartwheel!
  • colour the picture using beautiful colours.
  • give the colouring page to someone who’s turning nine.
  • or six… if you hold the picture upside down.

Thomas playing badminton

Thomas playing badminton colouring page 01V
  • Thomas is playing badminton with his racket.
  • ting… there goes the shuttlecock up in the air.
  • can you catch it?
  • colour the picture in the colours of your choice.
  • give the colouring page to someone who loves playing sport.

swimming envelope

swimming envelope craft colouring page 01k
  • send a letter to someone who enjoys swimming.
  • print the envelope and cut it out.
  • colour the picture on the envelope.
  • fold the envelope along the dotted lines.
  • stick glue on parts 1 and 2 and glue the envelope shut.
  • put a card or a letter into it.
  • then stick on a stamp and take the letter to a postbox.

Emma and Thomas kayaking

Emma and Thomas kayaking coloring page 01k
  • Emma and Thomas are on the water in a kayak
  • use bold colours to colour this picture.
  • give the colouring page to your best friend.
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