horse riding puzzle

horse riding puzzle colouring page p20k
  • a beautiful ride through the countryside.
  • ideally print out the puzzle on strong paper (e.g. 185g).
  • colour the picture.
  • cut out the puzzle along the lines into 20 pieces.

knight on horseback

knight on horseback coloring page 01k
  • the gallant knight is riding his horse.
  • colour this picture in your favourite colours.
  • give the picture to the first knight you see.

Emma with horse

Emma with horse coloring page 01k
  • Emma is taking a horse out of its stable.
  • she’s leading the horse to the meadow.
  • this colouring page is waiting for you to colour it.

horse riding

horse riding colouring page 01V
  • riding through the meadows.
  • doesn’t it feel great?
  • colour the picture and give it to someone you love.

a rearing horse

a rearing horse colouring page 01V
  • this horse is standing on its hind legs.
  • colour this picture in beautiful colours.


horse colouring page 02k
  • a sweet horse to colour in.
  • hang the colouring page in your room.