straw hat with flowers

straw hat with flowers colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • phew!… it’s so hot.
  • the sun is beating down on everyone’s head.
  • time to put on a cap or a straw hat.
  • what do you think of this straw hat with flowers?
  • colour in the picture with colours that you like.
  • put the colouring page on your head to protect yourself from the sun.

new clothes for Emma

new clothes for Emma colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • Emma has been to the shop.
  • she needed new clothes.
  • she bought a jacket, some trousers and a t-shirt with a zebra pattern.
  • do you need something new too?
  • then colour in this picture with beautiful colours and take it with you to the clothes shop.

a running race

a running race colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • this runner is taking part in a running race in the woods.
  • the runners run along particular paths.
  • sometimes ribbons are strung out from tree to tree.
  • these show the runners where to run.
  • colour this picture in bright colours.
  • run around the house with the colouring page.

walking with the baby

walking with the baby colouring page colouring picture drawing 01V
  • how lovely it is to take the baby for a walk.
  • you can walk in the park or in town.
  • the baby sleeps or is awake and looks around.
  • you bump into friends and buy a loaf of bread at the baker.
  • colour this picture in pretty colours.
  • give the colouring page to people who have a baby.
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