toy scales

toy scales colouring page 01k
  • how much does this mandarin weigh?
  • can you weigh this banana too?
  • you can weigh things in your own shop with these toy scales.
  • colour this colouring page in your favourite colours.

apple tree

apple tree colouring page 01V
  • there are apples hanging on the apple tree.
  • how many apples have fallen from the tree?
  • cat and dog are watching to see if another apple is going to fall.
  • first colour in all the apples and then colour in the rest.
  • give the colouring page to someone who has an apple tree.

make collections of food

make collections of food math game colouring page 01V
  • draw a red circle around the cakes.
  • draw a yellow circle around the ice-creams.
  • finally, draw a blue circle around all the food.
  • then colour in everything using bright colours.
  • give this colouring page to your neighbour.

what belongs with what

what belongs with what colouring page 01V
  • do you know what belongs with what?
  • join up the objects that belong together.
  • then colour them in bright colours.
  • give the colouring page to your teacher.

look at the pear

look at the pear math game colouring page 01V
  • find the pear in every row.
  • then colour in the object that comes after the pear.
  • after you’ve done that, colour in the whole picture.
  • give the colouring page to a lovely pear…

apples on a plate

apples on a plate math game colouring page 01V
  • print out the colouring page and colour in all the apples.
  • cut out the apples at the bottom.
  • glue an equal number of apples onto each plate.
  • when you’ve finished, it’s time for you to eat a yummy apple.
  • enjoy!


grapes colouring page 01V
  • a bunch of delicious grapes.
  • are they green or black?
  • the choice is yours…
  • colour in the picture beautifully.


pineapple colouring page 01V
  • a yummy pineapple for pudding.
  • will you put the pineapple in the fruit salad?…
  • … or will you make it into ice-cream?
  • or would you prefer pineapple juice?
  • use beautiful colours to colour in the picture.

fruit and vegetable bookmark

fruit and vegetable bookmark craft colouring page 01V
  • a lovely bookmark for your favourite book!
  • first print out the colouring page and colour it with the colours of your choice.
  • cut out the bookmark.
  • fold the bookmark along the dotted line.
  • glue the two edges together.
  • put the bookmark in your book.

name cards for table

name cards for table colouring page 01k
  • 4 name cards for a party table.
  • print the picture with the name cards on strong paper (e.g. 185g).
  • colour in the name cards and cut them out.
  • then write the names on them.
  • fold the cards and put them on the party table.

Thomas eating an apple

Thomas eating an apple colouring page 01V
  • Thomas is eating a yummy apple. mmm…
  • colour the picture in your favourite colours.
  • hang up the picture next to your bed.

pear tree

pear teree colouring page 03V
  • a pear tree full of yummy pears.
  • how many pears are there hanging on the tree?
  • colour the colouring picture.
  • put the picture in the fruit bowl.