five Christmas baubles

five Christmas baubles colouring page page drawing picture 01V
  • these baubles are still looking for a Christmas tree.
  • use lovely colours to colour in the picture.
  • cut out the baubles from this picture and hang them in the Christmas tree.
  • it’s going to look beautiful…

Christmas tree with decorations

Christmas tree with decorations colouring page page drawing picture 01k
  • a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.
  • is there room to hang anything else on it?
  • colour this drawing in your favourite colours.
  • put the picture as close to the Christmas tree as possible.

Father Christmas’ boots

Father Christmas’ boots colouring page page drawing picture 01V
  • Father Christmas is polishing his big boots.
  • the golden buckle is shining.
  • he’ll soon be setting off on his sleigh.
  • ho ho ho!
  • use bright colours to colour in the picture.

Father Christmas with bell

Father Christmas with bell colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • ho, ho, ho.
  • there is Father Christmas.
  • ting-a-ling goes his bell.
  • colour this drawing in beautiful colours.
  • put the colouring page next to your nightlight.

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • yummy cookies for Christmas.
  • don’t eat them all up at once!
  • colour the cookies in your favourite colours.