game of the week

craftwork of the week



  • make your own toy money to use in your shop.
  • print out the colouring page and cut out the notes along the grey lines.
  • colour in the pictures on the notes.
  • or colour in the whole notes.

theme in the picture



hello you little star. today is your birthday…
search and find a beautiful birthday card to color in.
everyone enjoys celebrating birthdays and everyone likes to receive a party invitation.
coloring pages with a cake, an animal or just a beautiful crown to color in.

here you’ll find coloring pages for a birthday.
but there are also birthday cards and invitations to color in.
click on the small versions of the coloring pages to bring up the large coloring page.
print out the coloring page and start coloring.
you can also email the coloring page to the birthday boy or girl so that they can color it in themselves.

free download

animal masks

animal masks

  • 12 masks for a fancy dress party.
  • print out the booklet on strong paper.
  • use bright colours to colour in the masks.
  • cut the masks out.
  • don’t forget to cut out the eyes and the holes for the string.
  • put a piece of elastic or string through the holes near the edges.
  • enjoy the party.

apple puzzle

apple puzzle colouring page drawing picture 3k
  • a yummy apple.
  • ideally print out the puzzle on strong paper.
  • first colour in the puzzle and then cut it along the lines into 3 pieces.

shoe shop

shoe shop craft colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • ideally print out the picture on strong printer paper.
  • colour the shoe shop in beautiful colours.
  • cut out around the edges of the shop.
  • fold up the shop to make a house.


pear colouring page drawing picture 01V

• a yummy pear with a leaf.

• transform this picture with your best colouring.

fairy-tale castle

fairy-tale castle colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • a castle with lots of towers.
  • the sun is coming out from behind the clouds.
  • colour in this picture as beautifully as you can.

two houses and an apple tree

two houses and an apple tree colouring page drawing picture 01k

• a peaceful landscape with two houses, an apple tree and a sheep.

• when you have coloured it in, hang this colouring picture up in your room.

delivery van puzzle

delivery van puzzle colouring page drawing picture p12k
  • delivery van with flowers from the florist.
  • ideally print out the puzzle on strong paper.
  • first colour this puzzle in and then cut it along the lines into twelve pieces.
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