colouring page of the week

the chimney sweep

the chimney sweep

  • from time to time the chimney sweep comes.
  • he or she makes sure that the chimney is totally clean again.
  • he or she cleans the chimney from inside the house.
  • and outside he or she climbs up high on the house to brush the chimney clean.
  • use bright colours to colour in this picture.
  • hang the picture on the chimney breast.

craftwork of the week

theme in the picture

summer holidays

summer holidays

in the summer holidays, the pace of life is different.
some people go on holiday somewhere sunny or in the mountains.
others prefer to relax at home.
ice creams and milkshakes, photos and books all play their part.
aren’t the summer holidays wonderful?

print out the colouring pages and colour them in summery shades.
add your own text to make your picture extra special.
or email the drawing to someone who’s on holiday.

free download

book of games summer holidays

book of games summer holidays

  • games and activities for at home and on holiday.
  • print this booklet and join the activities.
  • colour the things you like.
  • enjoy!


crown coloring page 01k
  • a crown for the birthday boy or girl.
  • you’d like to wear this crown too.
  • colour in the picture beautifully and give it to someone who’s celebrating their birthday today.


banana colouring page 01V
  • eating a banana will make you happy.
  • colour the picture and give it to your mama.


cauliflower coloring page 01k
  • a cauliflower to eat raw or to make into soup.
  • colour the picture and give it to the greengrocer.


tomato colouring page 01V
  • a yummy juicy tomato.
  • colour in the picture and give it to someone you love.


saucepan coloring page 01k
  • a small saucepan to cook in.
  • colour the picture and hang it next to the stove.


scooter coloring page 01k
  • a lovely scooter to scoot with.
  • colour the drawing in beautiful colours.


window colouring page 01V
  • a window from a house.
  • when you have coluored this drawing, stick it to the window at home.


lamp colouring page 01V
  • a lamp to stand on a cupboard.
  • colour in the picture beautifully and hang it up.


toothpaste coloring page 01k
  • a tube of toothpaste in a box.
  • colour in this drawing with bright colours.


skittles colouring page 01V
  • here are two skittles from a skittles game.
  • colour them both in as neatly as you can.


toilet colouring page 01V
  • time to go to the toilet!…
  • colour the toilet in beautiful colours.
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