4-6 years

slightly older children also enjoy coloring.
they want coloring pages that fit with who they are.
and they use colors that they love.
they then give the coloring page to someone they love.

here are coloring pages for children aged between four and six.
but they can also be for mama or daddy.
click on the small drawings so that the large drawing appears on your screen.
print out the coloring page with or without text.
or email the coloring page to your aunt or uncle.
because they still enjoy coloring too.

make your own Easter egg holders

make your own Easter egg holders colouring page drawing picture 01k.png
  • make your own egg holders for your chocolate eggs.
  • print out the picture and colour it in.
  • cut out the egg holders along the grey line.
  • put glue on part a and stick the two ends together.
  • put a chocolate egg in it.
  • give the egg holder to your best friend.
  • click here for more Easter craft activities.


chimney colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • most houses have a chimney.
  • if the heating is on in that house then smoke comes out of the chimney.
  • the smoke makes strange shapes in the air.
  • look! there are two birds twittering on the roof.
  • colour the picture in your favourite colours.
  • hang up the picture next to the radiator.

make your own Easter basket for Easter eggs in colour

make your own Easter basket for Easter eggs in colour colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • make your own basket for Easter.
  • print out the colouring page on strong paper and colour it in.
  • cut out the Easter basket and handle along the grey line and fold along the dotted lines.
  • put glue on parts a, b, c and d and stick the basket together.
  • put glue on part e and stick the two pieces of the handle together longways.
  • stick the handle to the inside of the Easter basket using parts f and g.
  • fill the basket with yummy Easter eggs.
  • would you like to colour in this Easter basket yourself?
  • then download the Easter craft book here .

walking with the baby

walking with the baby colouring page colouring picture drawing 01V
  • how lovely it is to take the baby for a walk.
  • you can walk in the park or in town.
  • the baby sleeps or is awake and looks around.
  • you bump into friends and buy a loaf of bread at the baker.
  • colour this picture in pretty colours.
  • give the colouring page to people who have a baby.
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