1-3 years

the very youngest children also love to colour.
they pick up a coloured pencil and colour to their heart’s content.
with these colouring pages they’ll also learn plenty of new words.
you can even add your own words to the colouring pages.

here you’ll find simple colouring pages.
click on a small drawing.
you can then print out the large colouring page and colour it in.
you can add your own text.
and email a picture to someone else who likes colouring.


rocket colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • bang! pop! whizz!
  • someone is setting off a rocket.
  • multi-coloured sparks explode in the sky.
  • but take care with fireworks.
  • always make sure that your mummy or daddy helps you if you want to set off a rocket.
  • colour in this picture in pretty colours.

make your own Christmas tree

make your own Christmas tree colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • feel like getting creative this Christmas?
  • make your ownChristmas tree to put beside your bed.
  • you’ll need 5x printouts of the Christmas tree so print out this colouring page 3x.
  • colour in the Christmas trees and the baubles and then cut them out.
  • fold each Christmas tree along the grey dotted lines and fold them inwards.
  • glue the uncoloured sides together to make a beautiful Christmas tree.
  • put the Christmas tree beside your bed or give it to someone you love as a present.

squirrel with acorn

squirrel with acorn colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • it’s autumn and this is a very busy time of year for the squirrel.
  • this is when he collects acorns and nuts.
  • he buries them in different hiding places in the woods.
  • when he’s hungry in winter he digs them up for a delicious meal.
  • colour in the pictures using colours that you like.
  • then give the colouring page to a squirrel lover.

leaf rake

leaf rake colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • are there fallen leaves from trees or bushes in your garden?
  • you can use a leaf rake to collect up the leaves.
  • have you mown the grass with a mower ?
  • then you can rake up the grass using the leaf rake.
  • take away the leaves and grass in a wheelbarrow.
  • use bright colours to colour in this picture.

unicorn cuddly toy

unicorn cuddly toy colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • if you like unicorns, this is the picture for you!
  • with this unicorn cuddly toy, everything will be all right.
  • colour in the picture with your favourite colours.
  • put the colouring page beside your bed.
  • sleep tight…

countdown calendar for your birthday

countdown calendar for your birthday colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • will it be your birthdaysoon?
  • is it almost time for your birthday party?
  • this handy countdown calendar will help you kick off the celebrations on the right day.
  • write the date of your birthday in the box after the number ‘1’.
  • then count backwards and fill in the rest of the dates in the other boxes.
  • colour in the picture in festive colours.
  • hang up the countdown calendar in a place where everyone can see it.
  • that way, no one will forget your birthday!
  • important: cross out every day that has gone by.
  • hip hip hurrah!!

toadstool with spots

toadstool with spots colouring page colouring picture drawing 01V
  • it is autumn in the woods.
  • the leaves on the trees are turning yellow, brown and red.
  • if you look carefully you can see toadstools in the woods.
  • red, brown, yellow, white,…
  • with or without spots.
  • colour in this picture in beautiful autumnal colours.
  • hang up the picture on the pinboard.

ice lolly

ice lolly colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • phew!!… de sun is shining brightly. It’s so hot today.
  • do you fancy an ice cream?
  • or an ice lolly, as that’s more refreshing.
  • choose one with a yummy flavour: strawberry, lemon,…
  • or choose one with all the flavours together.
  • colour in the picture with yummy colours.


shell colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • on the beach you’ll find shells.
  • big, small, short, long, white, beige, brown, …
  • you can use them to decorate your sandcastle.
  • or just put them in your trouser pocket.
  • colour in the picture in summery colours.
  • take the picture with you to the beach.


lighthouse colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • a lighthouse stands close to the sea.
  • when it’s dark, a light shines out high up in the lighthouse.
  • the light turns around constantly too.
  • so the captain of a ship can see where the harbour is.
  • does anyone live in the lighthouse?
  • use pretty colours to colour in the picture.
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