Emma and Thomas

Emma and Thomas are brother and sister.
you’ll see them a lot in the colouring pages.
doing craft activities, baking, reading, playing…
but what they enjoy most is colouring a colouring page.
why don’t you do the same? choose a picture right now.

here you’ll find all the colouring pages featuring Emma and Thomas.
click on a small version to bring up the large colouring page.
you can also add a text and then print it out.
would you like to email a drawing to someone?
all it takes is a few simple clicks.
and then your friend can colour it in too.

Emma with a sunhat 12-piece puzzle

Emma with a sunhat 12-piece puzzle colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • is the sun shining too brightly?
  • then quickly go inside and make this puzzle.
  • print out the picture on strong paper.
  • colour in the picture in summery colours.
  • cut out the puzzle along the lines into 12 pieces.
  • and… start doing the puzzle.

footballing with Emma and Thomas

footballing with Emma and Thomas colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • after colouring a colouring page Emma and Thomas are playing outside.
  • they take a ball with them to play football.
  • they run around with the ball on the lawn.
  • there’s also a goal and Emma likes standing in it.
  • colour in this picture in colours that you like.
  • show this picture to the children in your class.

caravan holiday

caravan holiday colouring page drawing picture 01k
  • In the summer, Emma and Thomas go on holiday.
  • together with mummy and daddy they drive off in a car towing a caravan.
  • they camp on a campsite in a pretty village.
  • Emma and Thomas sleep in a tent.
  • who does the bike standing by the caravan belong to?
  • colour in the picture with colours you like.
  • take the picture with you on holiday.
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