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my first colouring pages no. 2: animals

my first colouring pages no. 2: animals
  • 12 simple colouring pages for the very youngest children.
  • theme: animals.
  • a perfect activity to do at nursery!
  • print out the booklet and hand out the colouring pages…

Easter craft book

Easter craft book
  • craft ideas to keep you busy over Easter.
  • you’ll need scissors, glue, felt-tips, string and a hole punch.
  • use your creations to decorate your house for Easter.
  • or give them to someone as a surprise.
  • Happy Easter everyone!

Easter book of games 7+

Easter book of games 7+
  • games and exercises to enjoy at home or at school.
  • made by the Easter bunny himself.
  • this book of games is perfect for chicks aged seven and up.
  • so print out the book and get to work!

Easter book of games 4+

Easter book of games 4+
  • games and exercises for the Easter period.
  • print out this Easter-themed book and get started withthe games and exercises.
  • when you’ve finished, you can colour everything in.
  • be sure to show your book to everyone…

animal masks

animal masks
  • 12 masks for a fancy dress party.
  • print out the booklet on strong paper.
  • use bright colours to colour in the masks.
  • cut the masks out.
  • don’t forget to cut out the eyes and the holes for the string.
  • put a piece of elastic or string through the holes near the edges.
  • enjoy the party.

a strange dragon

a strange dragon
  • Emma and Thomas are having lots of fun.
  • download this story for colouring in.
  • 7 pages for you to colour in…
  • and then you’ll have your very own book!

hip hip hurrah

hip hip hurrah
  • 16 great colouring pages for your birthday party.
  • print out the book and get everyone colouring in at your party.
  • it’s sure to make it a party to remember!

book of games summer holidays

book of games summer holidays
  • games and activities for at home and on holiday.
  • print this booklet and join the activities.
  • colour the things you like.
  • enjoy!

birthday calendar Emma and Thomas

birthday calendar Emma and Thomas
  • an Emma and Thomas birthday calendar.
  • from now on you will never forget a birthday!
  • print the calendar on strong paper (e.g. 185g)
  • colour the pictures on all pages.
  • combine the pages and hang the calendar.

craftwork of the week

game of the week

Emma makes a phone call (number sense)

Emma makes a phone call (number sense)

  • learn the numbers from 1 to 5 with Emma.
  • print out the colouring page and colour it using your favourite colours.
  • carefully cut out the picture along the black line.
  • then cut the picture into five strips along the grey lines.
  • jumble up the 5 pieces and then put down the numbers 1-5 in the correct order.
  • then the picture of Emma will be complete again.

colouring page of the week

the chimney sweep

the chimney sweep

  • from time to time the chimney sweep comes.
  • he or she makes sure that the chimney is totally clean again.
  • he or she cleans the chimney from inside the house.
  • and outside he or she climbs up high on the house to brush the chimney clean.
  • use bright colours to colour in this picture.
  • hang the picture on the chimney breast.

theme in the picture

summer holidays

summer holidays

in the summer holidays, the pace of life is different.
some people go on holiday somewhere sunny or in the mountains.
others prefer to relax at home.
ice creams and milkshakes, photos and books all play their part.
aren’t the summer holidays wonderful?

print out the colouring pages and colour them in summery shades.
add your own text to make your picture extra special.
or email the drawing to someone who’s on holiday.

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