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Christmas craft book

Christmas craft book
  • craft ideas for making together over the Christmas period.
  • get out some glue, a pair of scissors and some coloured pencils.
  • use your handiwork to decorate the house for the Christmas celebrations…
  • … or send Christmas cards in the post.
  • Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas book of games 4+

Christmas book of games 4+
  • games and exercises for the Christmas period.
  • print out this Christmas book and get started.
  • complete the games and exercises.
  • when you’ve finished you can colour everything in.
  • then put the book under the Christmas tree…

Advent calender

Advent calender
  • December is almost upon us, so it will soon be Christmas,
  • this Advent calendar will help you count down to Christmas.
  • print out the calendar.
  • make holes in every page with a hole punch.
  • fasten the pages together using a piece of string.
  • hang up the calendar in a place where everyone can see it.
  • each day in December, tear off a page.
  • then colour in the picture on that page.
  • Christmas will be here before you know it…

Emma and Thomas colouring book: happy days

Emma and Thomas colouring book: happy days
  • a colouring book with 12 colouring pages featuring Emma and Thomas.
  • Emma in bed, Thomas in the bath…
  • Emma and Thomas doing fun things together.
  • 12 relatable colouring pages for children.
  • if you download and print out this book, you can start colouring straight away.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood
  • who isn’t familiar with the story of Little Red Riding Hood?
  • this classic tale is now available as a colouring book.
  • 7 pages to colour in…
  • and then you’ll have your very own, personalised book!

my first colouring pages no. 2: animals

my first colouring pages no. 2: animals
  • 12 simple colouring pages for the very youngest children.
  • theme: animals.
  • a perfect activity to do at nursery!
  • print out the booklet and hand out the colouring pages…

animal masks

animal masks
  • 12 masks for a fancy dress party.
  • print out the booklet on strong paper.
  • use bright colours to colour in the masks.
  • cut the masks out.
  • don’t forget to cut out the eyes and the holes for the string.
  • put a piece of elastic or string through the holes near the edges.
  • enjoy the party.

a strange dragon

a strange dragon
  • Emma and Thomas are having lots of fun.
  • download this story for colouring in.
  • 7 pages for you to colour in…
  • and then you’ll have your very own book!

hip hip hurrah

hip hip hurrah
  • 16 great colouring pages for your birthday party.
  • print out the book and get everyone colouring in at your party.
  • it’s sure to make it a party to remember!

book of games summer holidays

book of games summer holidays
  • games and activities for at home and on holiday.
  • print this booklet and join the activities.
  • colour the things you like.
  • enjoy!

craftwork of the week

Father Christmas’ hat

Father Christmas’ hat

  • make this hat and everyone will think that you are Father Christmas.
  • print out the colouring page on strong paper.
  • colour in the picture using pretty colours and cut it out.
  • staple the long strips to the hat using a stapler.
  • try Father Christmas’ hat on your head.
  • staple the two strips together and put the hat on your head.
  • go outside and look for your sledge with the reindeer.

puzzle of the week

delivery van puzzle

delivery van puzzle

  • delivery van with flowers from the florist.
  • ideally print out the puzzle on strong paper.
  • first colour this puzzle in and then cut it along the lines into twelve pieces.

colouring page of the week

Emma and Thomas decorate the Christmas tree

Emma and Thomas decorate the Christmas tree

  • when it’s nearly Christmas we bring a Christmas tree inside.
  • Emma and Thomas are decorating the Christmas tree with tinsel and baubles.
  • who else is helping them?
  • colour this colouring page using colours that you like.

theme in the picture



ashing through the snow,
on a one-horse open sleigh…
the cosiest time of the year is upon us.
Christmas trees and lights fill the streets.
we sit cosily indoors around the Christmas tree.
and outside the snow is swirling and settling into a beautiful white blanket.
ho ho ho! Father Christmas is calling…

to get into the Christmas mood, print out one of these pictures and start colouring.
decorate your whole house with these drawings.
or email a colouring page to your best friend.
then he or she can get colouring too.

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