kiddicolour.com ensures that children who have not yet learnt to read or who are not yet confident readers are still able to carry out a targeted search for colouring pages.
thanks to the familiar icons, a child can easily navigate the site without a parent’s help.
this helps a child to develop independence and confidence.
for a few items (e.g. ‘email a friend’), a parent may need to help.
on this site, parents will find (simple) exercises to improve their child’s knowledge.
there are also numerous puzzles and craft activities that can be completed together.
those who work professionally with children (schools, childcare) will find beautiful colouring pages and drawings to use as part of their work.
the relatable, clear style of the site and the colouring pages create a familiar environment.
one thing is certain: children love to visit kiddicolour.com!… and they keep coming back!

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