• the tuba is also known as the bombardon.
  • the bombardon goes bom bom bom.
  • when you blow into a tuba, deep sounds come out.
  • the tuba is a member of the trumpet family.
  • colour this drawing in your favourite colours.
  • then roll up the picture in the shape of a trumpet.
  • and make some brilliant honking sounds.

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a strong wind blows through the trees and across the fields. rain falls down from the clouds. the sun shines less and less. the leaves on the trees change colour. apples and pears are picked, and nuts and chestnuts are collected. and inside, there’s a warm cup of tea waiting for you. mmm, autumn can be so cosy. here you’ll find autumnal colouring pages to colour in. click on a beautiful colouring page to print it out or to add text. that way, you can make your colouring page unique!

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