link each object to the correct Pete

link each object to the correct Pete colouring page drawing picture 01V
  • here are four of the Petes helping Saint Nicholas.
  • chef Pete is standing to the right of parcel Pete.
  • letter Pete is standing in between parcel Pete and chief Pete.
  • link each object to the correct Pete.
  • then colour in the picture with beautiful colours.
  • put the picture beside your shoe.
  • perhaps Saint Nicholas will take the drawing away with him…

theme in the picture



if you go outside you can smell spring in the air. you can see flowers cautiously poking their heads above ground. buds starting to appear on the trees that will soon be in bloom. dogs and cats darting through the garden. birds flying back and forth. it’s time to spend more time playing outside again. the sun shines for longer. this is the season that everyone looks forward to. the colouring pages and games here are waiting for some fresh spring colours. you can add text if you like and then print out this lovely colouring page. make your friends and family happy by giving them these colouring pages.

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link each object to the correct Pete