Emma and Thomas at the postbox

puzzle 12 pieces Emma and Thomas at the postbox colouring page drawing picture 01H
  • Emma and Thomas are posting a letter in the postbox.
  • ideally, print out the puzzle on strong paper.
  • first colour in the picture.
  • next, cut out the puzzle along the lines into 12 pieces.
  • then enjoy putting the puzzle back together…

theme in the picture

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas

it’s 6 December and it’s freezing cold outside. who’s that walking across the rooftops? it’s Saint Nicholas with his friend Black Pete. on his birthday, Saint Nicholas brings fun presents and yummy sweets to all the children. it’s wonderful! thanks very much Saint Nicholas and Pete. Saint Nicholas loves to receive drawings and colouring pages from you. print out the pictures and after you’ve coloured them, put them in your shoe. or send them in an envelope addressed to Saint Nicholas, Spain.

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Emma and Thomas at the postbox
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