• summer is ice cream time.
  • which kind of ice cream do you like?
  • an ice lolly or an ice cream on a stick?
  • or a cone with ice cream.
  • or would you choose a delicious ice cream sundae in the summer?
  • colour in the picture in colours that you like.
  • give the picture to the ice cream man who comes down your street.
  • pssst! … you can also eat ice cream in spring, summer or winter.

theme in the picture



who would you like to scare at Halloween? your neighbour? your granny? or a person you see on the street? but perhaps someone will scare you. watch out… who hooooo…. to get in the mood, you can already print out one of these colouring pages and colour it in. or email a picture to the ghost that’s haunting your house at night.

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all kinds of ice creams